21410-58y00 Auto Radiator For Nissan Sunny B14 1994-1996

21410-58y00 /59y00 / 66y00 Car Radiator B14 1994-1996 Auto Parts Detailed Product Description KINGA Radiator Specifics and Benefits 1, Helps Reducing Coolant Temperature 2, Extends Engine Life 3, 100% New 4, Professional Installer is Highly Recommended 5, 100% quality assurance tested 6, Great...
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Product Details

21410-58y00 /59y00 / 66y00  Car Radiator B14 1994-1996 Auto Parts

Detailed Product Description

Product Model  KJ-15040-PA16
  Car Brand  Sunny B14 1994-1996 MT
  OEM  21410-58Y00/59Y00/66Y00
  Material  Aluminum body
  Cooling Type  Water-cooled
  Core Dimensions
  Tank  (Dimensions

Fin Type  Wavy Fin 
  Core high strength, high heat conductivity,high safety coefficient
  cleaning High efficiency,little corrosion to metal , few pollution
  brazing Strict control of degree, temperature and time
  Tank Tank Made of Reinforced Heat and Wearing Resisting PA66 Material
  Test Every Radiator will be test by air-tight test and Pressure Text,0.15Mpa/min

KINGA Radiator Specifics and Benefits

1, Helps Reducing Coolant Temperature
2, Extends Engine Life
3, 100% New
4, Professional Installer is Highly Recommended
5, 100% quality assurance tested
6, Great cooling capacity, twin water channel core design

Advantages Of KINGA Radiator  

1. Original /OEM quality and competitive price.
2. Professional work team and quick service.     
3. Strong and standard package.  
4. Fast and safe delivery. 
5. Long export experience in Middle east, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Brazil.  
6. Clear details photos what you see is what you get.
7. Able to develop & produce according to customer specification with technical drawing.

Radiator Structure

Filler Neck 8 Side Plate 15 Bottom Header Plate
2 Top Header Plate 9 Core Height 16 Water Switch
3 Inlet Pipe 10 Fin 17 Bottom Tank
4 Top Tank 11 Tube 18 Oil Cooler
5 Top Mounting Pins 12 Core Width 19 Out Pipe
6 Fan Mount 13 Core Thickness    
7 Overflow Pipe 14 Clip    

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