Auto Radiator For Toyota 'cressida'89-92 S/R/Yx80 At

High Efficient Auto Radiator for Toyota 'CRESSIDA'89-92 S/R/YX80 AT Specifications 1.Aluminum tube-fin hard brazing method adopted for core assembly. 2.Low costs due to good durability and stability. 3. Qualifications: ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS16949 4.100% fully tested in house 5.One year...
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High Efficient Auto Radiator for Toyota 'CRESSIDA'89-92 S/R/YX80 AT


1.Aluminum tube-fin hard brazing method adopted for core assembly.
2.Low costs due to good durability and stability.
3. Qualifications: ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS16949
4.100% fully tested in house
5.One year warranty
6.Easy installation with no mounting modifications.

The payment and shipping

Price term:The factory delivery,FOB
Accept L/C and T/T.For T/T,30% deposit, the balance before ship.
Deliver the product after clear the payment.
Shipping time:30 days to 40 days after we get your order.
1 year Warranty against Manufacturing Defect!

Guangzhou Kinga Auto parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

We have our own factory since 2003 and we are a manufacturer supplying radiators for a list of brands.
It's located in Guangzhou,Guangdong, China. Our factory covers an area of 86,000 square meters.
We have our own brand for VVO and KINGA.KINGA is engaged in all aluminum radiator and 
condenser manufacture, and undertaking development and manufacture, i.e. design and 
production on samples provided and material process of stamped plastic auto parts and 
hardware, combining research, design, mould manufacture, production, and distribution.-

More models for choose:

Part NO. OEM Cartype item name
KJ-12163 16400-21160/21180 COROLLA'01-04 ZZE122 AT Toyota radiator
KJ-12164 16400-21140/21150 COROLLA'01-04 ZZE122 MT Toyota radiator
KJ-12165 16400-21160/21180 COROLLA'01-04 ZZE122 AT Toyota radiator
KJ-12166 16400-21140/21150 COROLLA'01-04 ZZE122 MT Toyota radiator
KJ-12435 16400-22180 COROLLA'08 AT Toyota radiator
KJ-12436 16400-22170 COROLLA'08 MT Toyota radiator
KJ-12135 16400-0D100 AVENSIS'01 ST220 Toyota radiator
KJ-12136 16400-0D080 AVENSIS'01 ST220 Toyota radiator
KJ-12137 16400-02280 AVENSIS'01 AT220 Toyota radiator
KJ-12138 16400-02270 AVENSIS'01 AT220 Toyota radiator
KJ-12153A 16400-11640/11690/11791 PASEO 95-97 EL54 Toyota radiator
KJ-12154A 16400-11590/11600/11610 PASEO 95-97 EL54 Toyota radiator


KJ-13001 8973333522/8973630640/0660 PICKUP DMAX'06 Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13002 8973333510 PICKUP DMAX'06 Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13004   PICKUP DMAX'06 Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13006   ISUZU TFR(DIESEL) Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13015 8943752755/6 PASSORT'94-97 RODEO'93-97 Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13017 8973065230 RODEO 3.2L'98-03/AXIOM'02-04 Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13020 8973543650 ISUZU NPR Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13023 8-98137273-3 DMAX'12(3000CC) MT Isuzu Radiator
KJ-13024 8-98137277-4 DMAX'12(2500CC) MT Isuzu Radiator


Part NO. OEM Cartype item name
KJ-40001 124 500 2803/9003 W124/230E'84-93 Benz radiator
KJ-40002 124 500 2703/8903 W124/230E'84-93 Benz radiator
KJ-40003 126 500 4103/5103 W126/260SE/300SE'85-91 Benz radiator
KJ-40004 126 500 4003 W126/260SE/300SE'85-91 Benz radiator
KJ-40005 124 500 1003/2003/4003/9303 W124/200D'88-91 Benz radiator
KJ-40006 124 500 0903/2103/9203 W124/200D'88-91 Benz radiator
KJ-40007 124 500 6202 W124/200E'88-91 Benz radiator
KJ-40013 201 500 4203 W201/190E'82-93 Benz radiator
KJ-40019 123 501 3301 W123/126 280S'76-85 Benz radiator
KJ-40021 123 500 3603/3803/6003
123 501 1201/5601
W123/200D/280C'76-85 Benz radiator
KJ-40025 126 500 0103/1103/1803
126 500 3303/4803/4903
W126/560SE'79- Benz radiator
KJ-40026 126 500 3303/4803 W126/560SE'79- Benz radiator
KJ-40028 201 500 0503/
W124/200E'84-90 Benz radiator
KJ-40029 202 500 2203/3203
202 500 3703/6703
W202/C220D'93-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40030 202 500 2103/3103
202 500 3603/6603
W202/C220D'93-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40031 140 500 1303/2203/2303 W140/S300TD/S350TD'92-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40032 140 500 1303/2203/2303 W140/S300TD/S350TD'92-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40033 140 500 0303/0403 W140/300SE'91-92 Benz radiator
KJ-40034   W140/300SE'91-92 Benz radiator
KJ-40035 140 500 2103 W140/S320'92-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40036   W140/S320'92-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40037 140 500 1403/1603 W140/S600'90-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40038   W140/S600'90-00 Benz radiator
KJ-40039 220 500 0903 W215/S550'99-/W220/S430/S500'98- Benz radiator

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Factory address    Guangcong Road No.18 Conghua economic department area
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