Auto Radiators for MAZDA 3'10-12 MT LF8M1520YD Producing Process Radiator-fin molding → the core assembling → NB continous soldering → tank assembly → products leak hunting → drying and packing Product Details
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Product Details

Auto Radiators for MAZDA 3'10-12 MT 


 Product Details


Manufacturer Part Number KJ-16132
Car Type MAZDA 3'10-12 MT
Core Size PA670*368*16mm
Core Hight 670mm
Core Width 368mm
Thickness 16mm
Carton 880*120*490mm
Tank Size 37/37*390.5mm


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Advantages working with KINGA


1.KINGA is a big manufacturer, all the raw materials is from good suppliers and the quality is assured. Most of


the parts are manufactured by ourselves.


2.100% leak test, Burst pressure test.

Sample tested in authorized Lab, such as wind tunnel test and pressure cycle test.


3.Quality constant and reliable. Our complaint rate keeps less than 0.35%.


4.Our clients can have more choices on the models and stay competitive in the market.


If you're satisfied with our quality AUTO RADIATOR MAZDA 3'10-12 MT, please be free to contact our professional and experienced manufacturers. The wholesale service, good after-sale service and fast delivery are also offered.
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