Auto Radiator for TOYOTA Vios 2012 AT OEM: 16400-02430

Auto Radiator for TOYOTA Vios 2012 AT OEM: 16400-02430

Kinga producing & developing & sales teams can offer the fast and high efficiency after-sale service.
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Product Details

Basic Info

Model NO.: KJ-12173

Body Material: Aluminium

Certification: ISO9001, TS16949

Cooling Fluid Type: Alcohol

Radiator Core Type: Tube-fin

Cooling Fluid Brand: Mobil

OEM: 16400-02430

Tank Size: 48/48*428mm

Warranty: 12 Months

at / Mt: at

Place of Origin: Guangzhou China ( Mainland )

Transport Package: Paper with Foam/Neutral Packing / Blister Packing

Origin: China

Component: Radiator

Cold Style: Water-cooled

Structure: Sealed Type

Radiator Type: Direct-flow

Water Temperature Sensor Type: Switch Type

Car Type: Vios′02

Core Size: PA 350*638*16mm

Manufacturer Part Number: Kj-12173

Inlet Size: 31mm

Oil Cooler: 19*225mm

Trademark: KINGA

Specification: PA 350*638*16MM

HS Code: 8708911000

Product Description

Wholesale TOYOTA Auto Radiator for Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430

Wholesale Auto Radiator for Toyota Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430

Wholesale Auto Radiator for Toyota Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430
Wholesale Auto Radiator for Toyota Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430
Wholesale Auto Radiator for Toyota Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430
Wholesale Auto Radiator for Toyota Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430
Wholesale Auto Radiator for Toyota Vios'02 at OEM: 16400-02430

High Performance Professional

As an excellent auto parts manufacturer who specializes in car engine cooling system, 

Kinga can produce auto radiators, truck radiators, condensers, water tanks & other auto parts.

Our radiator for different models 


Kinga Advatage Service

1. Professional & excellent engineer team

Kinga have our own professional & excellent engineers to develop and design products, which make sure technological and innovative Radiators and Condensers for our customers!

2. High quality service

If you have any question, just feel free to contact us. We'd like to provide you with high quality service to meet your special requirements.

3. Offer sample design

For any customers who send us products samples, we will design and develop better products for you!

4. Best quality 

Kinga just have one quality with same high-quality raw material. We choose best raw material supperlier to produce best and suitable products for you.

5. Competitive price 

Kinga has its own big factory, who is even the biggest radiator manufacturer in China. So mwe can offer you competitive price and have the ability of mass production!

Kinga various of Auto Radiator 

Car BrandKJ.NO:CartypeOEM
TOYOTAKJ-12039CAMRY'03 MCV3016400-20260/20270/20320/0A240
NISSANKJ-15009BLUEBIRD'93-98 U1321460-0E200/0E600/1E400
NISSANKJ-15018SUNNY'00 N16/B15/QG1321410-4M400/4M407
MAZDAKJ-16019KIA SEPHIA'93OK201-15-200B
HONDAKJ-17032ACCORD'97-00 CF419010-PDA-E01
HONDAKJ-17091CRV'97-01 2.0L RD119010-P3F-901
DAIHATSUKJ-19019CHARADE'87-92 1.0L L316400-87767
FORDKJ-31063AFORD EDGE 3.5/3.7L'07-13  FORD FLEX 3.5'09-137T4Z8005A/B
G.M.CKJ-32027LUMINA'03 VT V892147802
BENZKJ-40085W211/E200/E240/E320/E350'02211 500 0102/1302
OPELKJ-42011ACAMBO/CORSA B'93-001300153
PEUGEOTKJ-50026PEUGEOT 407'04-/CITROEN C5'04-1330.J9/1330.V3
RENAULTKJ-51007CLIO/KANGOO 1.2'98-017700430784
FIATKJ-61011FIAT UNO'83- 7556132/7556137/773940
VOLVOKJ-73005VOLVO 940'90-2.0I/2.3I 8601002/8603855


Truck Radiator

BENZ ACTROS ' 96KJ - 55003 - PA48PA48 AT
SCANIA R ' 95 - 114KJ - 55071 - PA40PA40 MT
VOLVO FM - 12 ' 92 - 470 / 520HPKJ - 55080 - PA48PA48 MT
VOLVO FM - 12 ' 92 - 470 / 520HPKJ - 55171 - PA48PA48 MT


In order to offer you the best service ,please kindly provide us the following information:

1. Car Brand

2. OEM /DPI parts number 

3. Order quantity   

4. Expecting delivery time 

5. other details

Related Auto Cool Radiator For Sale

Car Radiator BrandMatch Car TypeCore SizeOEM NO
TOYOTACAMRY'92-96 VCV10 ATPA 425*708*1616400-62100
TOYOTACAMRY'92-96 VCV10 ATPA 425*708*1616400-62150/62160
TOYOTACAMRY'92-96 VCV10 MTPA 425*708*16/26
TOYOTACAMRY'95-96 MCV/MCX10 ATPA 425*708*1616400-20050/20060
TOYOTAIPWUM PICNIC'96 SXM15 ATPA 425*698*1616400-7A351/7A260/7A261
TOYOTAIPWUM PICNIC'96 SXM15 MTPA 425*698*1616400-7A270
TOYOTAIPSVM/GAIA CXM10'97-01 ATPA 478*688*16/2616400-6A170
TOYOTAIPSVM/GAIA CXM10'97-01 ATPA 478*688*16/26
TOYOTACAMRY'97-00 SXV20 ATPA 400*728*1616400-7A300/03150
TOYOTACAMRY'97-00 SXV20 MTPA 400*728*1616400-7A290/03140
TOYOTACAMRY'97-00 MCV20 ATPA 400*728*16/2616400-0A060/20090
TOYOTACAMRY'97-00 MCV20 MTPA 400-728*16/2616400-0A050
TOYOTACAMRY'03-06 ACV30 ATPA 400*728*1616400-28280
TOYOTACAMRY'03-06 ACV30 MTPA 400*728*1616400-28270
TOYOTAAVALON'00-04 ATPA 400*708*16/2616400-0A170/0A180
TOYOTASIENNA'97 ATPA 400*718*16/2616400-0A071/0A072
TOYOTASIENNA'97 MTPA 450*718*16/2616400-
TOYOTACAMRY'04 SOLARA ATPA 400*728*16/2616400-0H050/0H070
TOYOTALEXUS'90-94 LS400/UCF 10 ATPA 400*748*16/2616400-50020/50021
TOYOTALEXUS'95-98 JZS 147 MTPA 400*748*16/2616400-46170
TOYOTAREIZ GRX121/2'04 MTPA 400*708*1616400-0P100/31370
TOYOTACROWN'91-99 GS136V ATPA 425*648*16/2616400-70470
TOYOTATOWANCE NOAH'96 ATPA 425*668*16/2216400-6A150
TOYOTATOWANCE NOAH'96 MTPA 425*668*16/2216400-6A140
TOYOTAPREVIA/ESTIMA'99-03 ATPA 450*728*16/22
TOYOTAPREVIA'90-94 TCR10 ATPA 425*658*16/2616400-76061/76081
TOYOTACOROLLA'84-89 AT150 ATPA 325*658*1616400-14050/15200
TOYOTACOROLLA'84-89 AT150 MTPA 325*658*1616400-15190
TOYOTACARINA'89-91 ST170 ATPA 327*658*16/2616400-74320
TOYOTACARINA;89-91 ST170 MTPA 327*658*16/2616400-74340
TOYOTAVIOS 5CC ATPA 350*478*1616400-21070
TOYOTAVIOS 5CC MTPA 350*478*1616400-0M020
TOYOTAECHO YARIS KAPALI ATPA 350*478*1616400-21070
TOYOTAECHO YARIS KAPALI MTPA 350*478*1616400-21080
TOYOTARAV4'03 MCA21 ATPA 375*728*16/2216400-22130
TOYOTARAV4'03 MCA21 MTPA 375*728*16/22
TOYOTAPRADO'95-98 KZN ATPA 575*638*16/2616400-67120/67140
TOYOTAPRADO'95-98 KZN MTPA 575*638*16/2616400-67130/67110
TOYOTALANDCRUISER'02 FZJ7# MTPA 545*508*4816400-66060
TOYOTALANDCRUISER'05 FZJ7# MTPA 560*508*4816400-66160
TOYOTAHILUX VIGO'04-ATPA 525*648*16/2616400-0P040
TOYOTAHILUX VIGO'04 MTPA 525*648*16/2616400-0P050
TOYOTAHIGHLANDER 2.7L'09-11 ATPA 475*768*2616400-
TOYOTAHIGHLANDER 2.7L'09-11 MTPA 475*768*2616400-
TOYOTACOROLLA'09-12 MTPA 600*378*16


Good after sale service 

Kinga producing & developing & sales teams can offer the fast and high efficiency after-sale service. Kinga's products export the global market, which are sinecely responsible for customers.

Kinga has a complete supply system for auto parts, which can ensure the company's needs 

of products accessories. Kinga has big warehouses to store widely used products, which is good for improving the delivery time. By the way, you can contact us any time at your convenience!

Kinga Condenser for different cars



KINGA Condenser

KJ-80003TOYOTA CAMRY'03 ACV30/MCV3088460-06070710*388*16
KJ-81009HONDA CIVIC'ES8/200080100-S5A-003651*348*16
KJ-82005NISSAN TIIDA/G12 92110-1U600652*348*18
KJ-84003MAZDA 3(03-)BPYK-61-480ZA600*378*16
KJ-86015HYUNDAI SONATA(08-)97606-3R000713*388*16
KJ-87001Benz SPRINTER(95-) MB-955104114AA670*358*16
KJ-88006BMW E90 04-6930038621*398*16
KJ-89007JAC REFINE'0397606-4A001634*388*16
KJ-90001VOLVO S40/V40(95-)30818183670*308*16
KJ-91009FORD FIESTA VI(08-)1526277612*378*16
KJ-92004AUDI A4/S4(00-)8E0260403D610*388*16
KJ-93012GOLF VII(12-)  576*378*16
KJ-94006CHEVROLET AVEO'05-96469289584*408*16
KJ-95001ISUZU D-MAX(08-) 305*368*16
KJ-96001FAW DAIHATSU 524*378*16
KJ-97001CHRYSLER SEBRING (07-) 675*418*16
KJ-98003LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER(10-12) 638*468*16
KJ-99001DAEWOO LANOSI&II96274635/96303204593*358*16

Contact us

Company nameGuangzhou Kinga Auto Parts Industry Manufacture Co.,Ltd
Factory addressGuangcong Road No.18 Conghua economic department area
Export department Tel86 - 20 - 87810068
Fax86 - 20 - 87819013
Postal code510900
Company Website

If you have the demand, please contact us. We can supply the best price with good quality for you!

Kinga company information:

Product: Professional manufacturer for radiators and spare parts

Staff: More than 450

Experience: More than 20 years export experiences

Size of factory: 100000 square meter

Certification: SO9001: 2000& TS14969.

If you're satisfied with our quality auto radiator for toyota vios 2012 at oem: 16400-02430, please be free to contact our professional and experienced manufacturers. The wholesale service, good after-sale service and fast delivery are also offered.


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