Condenser For HONDA ACURA

Condenser For HONDA ACURA

Manufactory parts number:KJ-81041 Core size:786×437×16
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Condenser for HONDA ACURA

Manufactory parts number:KJ-81041

Core size:786×437×16

Company Introduction

Kinga Auto parts Industry Manufacture Co. ,Ltd. , established more than 20 years ago and specialized in auto parts, engages in manufacturing aluminum radiator, copper radiator and condenser, which are extensively used in Japanese, West European, American, Korean and other car series (pickup, minibus and commercial car).

Note: *Please check the pictures and drawing diagram carefully*


*We can also make other brands according to your provided drawing or sample. *


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Company Name

Guangzhou Kinga Auto parts Industry Manufacturer Co.Ltd


Factory Address

NO.18, Guangcong Road, Conghua economic development area,

GuangzhouGuangdong, China

Contract person:

Candy Li

If you're satisfied with our quality condenser for honda acura, please be free to contact our professional and experienced manufacturers. The wholesale service, good after-sale service and fast delivery are also offered.
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