Auto Parts Aluminum Car Radiator For Nissan Xtcrra Frontier 2005-06

Auto Parts Aluminum Car Radiator for Nissan Xtcrra/Frontier 2005-06 Mt (21410-Ea215-Eb80A ) Detailed Product Description Trade information Company information Guangzhou Kinga Auto parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd. We have our own factory since 2003 and we are a manufacturer supplying radiators for a...
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Product Details

Auto  Parts Aluminum Car Radiator for Nissan Xtcrra/Frontier 2005-06 Mt (21410-Ea215-Eb80A )

Detailed Product Description

Product Model  KJ-15200
OEM  21410-EA215-EB80A
Material  Aluminum body
Cooling Type  Water-cooled
Core Dimensions
 PA 600*688*26/32/36mm
Tank  (Dimensions

Fin Type  Wavy Fin 
Core high strength, high heat conductivity,high safety coefficient
cleaning High efficiency,little corrosion to metal , few pollution
brazing Strict control of degree, temperature and time
Tank Tank Made of Reinforced Heat and Wearing Resisting
 PA66 Material

Test Every Radiator will be test by air-tight test and Pressure Text

Trade information

Trade Terms
FOB ShenZhen
Payment Terms L/C T/T, Western Union
Payment Condition 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before delivery
Delivery Time 30-40 working days after Money received
Packing Neutral packing / Foam Corner Protector /
Blister Packing / Cardboard Protector
Shipping By sea
Min-order 30PCS
warranty. One year
Fob price We will quote you the Fob price after you confirm 
the Model radiator you want and how many

Company information

Guangzhou Kinga Auto parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

We have our own factory since 2003 and we are a manufacturer supplying 
radiators for a list of brands.It's located in Guangzhou,Guangdong, China. 
Our factory covers an area of 86,000 square meters.We have our own brand 
for VVO and KINGA.KINGA is engaged in all aluminum radiator and condenser 
manufacture, and undertaking development and manufacture, i.e. design 
and production on samples provided and material process of stamped 
plastic auto parts and hardware, combining research, design, mould manufacture, 
production, and distribution.-

Radiator knowledge

Crossflow vs. Downflow Radiators

Radiators are often broken down into two main styles: crossflow and downflow.

A crossflow radiator consists of a vertical tank on each side with a series of cooling tubes and fins making up its

Crossflow Radiator

core. The coolant travels horizontally across the core from the inlet side to the outlet side with the help of your water pump.In contrast, a downflow radiator has tanks running horizontally at the top and bottom. The coolant enters the top of the radiator and travels vertically through the core and leaves through the outlet at the bottom. Because the coolant flows from the top down, the water pump is aided by gravity, which allows the coolant to travel more quickly through the radiator.So which is better for your vehicle?

Downflow Radiator

“When it comes to design, crossflow is typically more efficient due to the speed—or lack thereof—with which it moves the coolant,” said Mike Bosiljcic of Summit Racing’s technical department. “Unlike a downflow radiator, which has gravity working against it, a crossflow radiator holds on to the coolant just a little longer, allowing it to dissipate heat a little better.”

Because of its heat dissipation abilities, along with its (typically) larger core surface area, the crossflow radiator is often the best choice for high-rpm, high-output engines.

“One other reason the crossflow design has really taken off in popularity is the sleeker hood lines on today’s vehicle,” Bosiljcic said. “The downflow radiator is simply too tall to fit into lower-profile configuration.”

On the other hand, downflow radiators can provide an original, nostalgic appearance and can often fit where crossflow radiators will not. Cramming a crossflow radiator into an older engine compartment designed for a downflow will often require fabrication.

As always, you’ll need the proper fan, water pump, and thermostat to maximize your radiator, whether it’s a crossflow or downflow design.

More information
Contact :Daisy Huang
Phone:0086 13710537051
Add:NO.18, Guangcong Road, Conghua economic development area, Guangdong, China

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