KINGA Factory Tour

Founded in 2003, located in Guangzhou Conghua Economic Development Zone , Guangzhou Kinga Auto Parts Industry Manufacture Co., Ltd. covers a floor area of 86,000 square meters.


Aluminum Tank Production Workshop

Equipped with a whole set of professional production line for the vehicle engine radiator cooling system, the workshop manufactures over2000 various of aluminum radiators for different types of vehicles and engineering machines.


Condenser Production Workshop

Equipped with a whole set of professional production line for the vehicle A/C cooling system, the workshop manufactures various of aluminum condensers for different types of vehicles and engineering machines.


Laboratory(Research and Development Center)

KINGA has set up its own laboratory with professional test equipment. The lab conducts tests including but not limited to salt spray test, sealing performance test, vibration test on the products to continuously improve and perfect the product performance and quality.

KINGA R&D department devotes itself into developing and innovating the new products responding to the market demands.


Radiator Tube Production Line

With the advanced automatic high-frequency welded pipe production line, tubes of various sizes can be processed here including widths of 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 26mm and 32mm.

All the production procedures, including material feeding, half molding, welding, molding, detecting and cutting are done automatically in the production line. The daily production capacity can reach up to 4 tons.

Meanwhile, a strict quality inspection and the burst pressure test is applied to guarantee the quality of the tubes produced.


Stamping Workshop

Equipped with nearly 30 machines for stamping processing, including stamping machines, hydraulic presses, cutting shears and others , the workshop can produce stretching stamping parts, large stamping parts and fine stamping parts, etc.


Mold Processing Center

The processing center engages in the manufacturing of metal stamping dies, injection molds, die casting molds and fixtures. 

It has 3 CNC vertical machining centers and over 40 various of machines and equipment demanded for processing the molds including computer gongs, milling machine, grinding machines, wire cutting machines, EDM and milling rockers, etc.. A perfect CAD / CAM network integration system has been built for the process designing and the mold processing, which realized the 2D and 3D CAD design of the molds.


Injection Molding Workshop

The injection molding workshop injects the plastic auto parts, such as front and rear protection bars, grilles, interior parts, automotive lighting plastic parts and so on.The workshop is equipped with various types of injection machines ranging from 80T to 2000T and capable of injection different types of engineering plastics, like PC, PMMA, PA, PE, PVC, ABS, AS, PP,etc..



Company Warehouse & Shipping Area

Your waiting time will be shortened to the minimum with KINGA prompt service.

The key is that we utilize the VNA Narrow Aisle Racking System,a important part of the rapid development of the modern logistics system, in our warehouses, which is characterized by its advantages of reducing the storage space,  the labor intensity and the backlog, eliminating the errors, improving the automation level and management of the warehouse, enhancing the efficiency of the logistics and the company social efficiency and so on.

We guarantee you the proper material storage, the shortest preparation and the sufficient safety stock. Thus, you are assured of receiving a complete collection of the auto parts in a shortest deliver time.